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What is an E-Card?
Why do I need an E-Card?
  How much will an E-Card cost?
How can I get an E-Card?
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Global visibility and accessibility

How much will an E-Card cost?

Small business owners and independent entrepreneurs can afford the Milton E-Card. For one low yearly fee, you can have the Milton E-Card and gain the peace of mind of freeing yourself from carrying around printed business cards, domain name & web hosting fees*, payment to the web design company for the web site and ongoing maintenance.

In addition, you can always up to date your E-Card with the latest business information at a later date anyway.

So don't waste any more time, money and convenience with the ancient business card. Move to simple peace of mind with a low-cost, Milton E-Card.

If you're confused at all by the technical jargon on this web site, contact us for a simple explanation.

*) Domain name is a web address (URL) that people can find you on the Internet. Web hosting is where your web site lives on the Internet.

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