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What is an E-Card?
Why do I need an E-Card?
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Global visibility and accessibility

What is an E-Card?

A Milton E-Card is an on-line business card, and contains all the information that is on a paper business card and more. The particular difference is, your E-Card won't get lost and you won't forget it at the office. With the Milton E-Card, your business card will be on-line for anyone to access anytime from anywhere in the world.

Your Milton E-Card will be browsed on the well-known on-line marketplace in Georgia: "Market.ge - Georgian Market - Business Catalogue" at "http://www.market.ge/e-cards/yourname/". And, if you already have your own registered domain name & web hosting*, you can place your Milton E-Card at "http://www.yourname.com" [.net, .org, .biz, .ge, etc.]. Someone only needs to know your name (your company name), and they can access your business information through your Milton E-Card.

Great for Small, Medium businesses and independent entrepreneurs who do not want the trouble of maintaining a web site or are not ready to make serious investments in it, but would still like to have a web presence. You can list your products and services and have your company logo on your E-Card. If you already have a web site, you can use your E-Card as advertisement to promote your site and increase your hits.

See Milton E-Card Sample

*) Domain name is a web address (URL) that people can find you on the Internet. Web hosting is where your web site lives on the Internet.

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